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Weight Loss Diet

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is important for overall health and can help you prevent and control many diseases and conditions . if you are over weight  or obese ,you are at higher risk of developing serious health problems ,including heart disease high blood pressure ,diabetes ,breathing problems and certain cancer.That’s why maintaining a healthy weight  is so important . Losing weight helps you feel good about yourself We know that there are lots of factors for weight gain and ofcourse different factor for two different people that’s why here in our clinic we make sure of this but what to keep in mind is not two person can lose same amount of weight in same span of time as every person body is different and you cant compare two different bodies or their weightloss.the weightloss depends on

  • AGE : So a younger person will lose faster compare to a older one as our metabolism gets slower with age
  • GENDER : If you a male the weight loss will be faster for you as compared to female because of high muscle percentage
  • HORMONAL CHANGES : if there is hormonal imbalance like thyroid /insulin sensitivity then it can hampers your weightlos
  • LIFESTYLE : if you are sleeping late , eating irregular late dinner so this makes your hormones and whole system go weird and result is wgtgain

Here In Nutriline Diet We Aim For Weight Loss Which Is :

PERSONALIZED : We Design diet according to patients body assessment and daily routine .All the allergy and dislikes would be considered while making the diet . 

NATURAL PROCESS : we don’t give any medicines or supplements neither prescribed any of it .it is basically a complete diet programme

MAINTENANCE : When the patients achieved their desire weight we give them a maintenance programme ,so that they won’t gain much weight easily .under this process we moved a step forward towards normal diet. we customized the diet in such a manner so that the follower can follow it live long without any hesitation and hindrance

EXERCISE : We suggest the appropriate exercise accordingly .If a person wants to reduce her/his weight he/she have to the exercise so that the % of fat get reduce easily .we also suggests different different home made remedies to loss weight quickly .exercise helps to reduce fat and weight easily.