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Ans : Initially you can lose the weight with just following the diet programme but after some time to boost up the metabolism of y our body u need to start off with some exercise which can be slowly and gradually increased so yes physical activity is a necessary part of losing and maintaining weight

Ans: As soon as u achieve your target we put u on the maintenance programme through which gradually u will be moved towards the normal food and a diet chart will be prepared which can be followed lifelong by you to maintain that loss.

Ans: every alcohol is sugar, so u can enjoy it but moderation is the key

Ans: true , they don't have calorie but there is no added nutritional value with them so should not be taken frequently because of aspartame content in them which can give adverse result on liver, memory and bones.

Ans: Yes, these seeds and nuts contain essential fatty acids and important vit and minerals but should be taken in moderation .

Ans: These "lucky" people have high metabolic rate means their body utilizes most of consumed sugar as an energy source, therefore nothing much remain to change into fat.

Ans: fruit juices are ok with some kind of body constitutions but its recommended to take the whole fruit itself if u are trying to lose weight.

Ans: Caramalisation of sugar give the brown colour to the brown bread but the whole wheat content is not much in it ,instead its best to choose from whole wheat, dalia, oat bread etc

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