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    Per day Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner options provided along with e-book containing healthy & delicious recipes, also access to our WhatsApp group for tips & feedbacks and useful short videos for diet support.

    About Nutriline - Best Nutritionist In Delhi NCR

    Nutriline diet established by Dr. Darshini Bali, the Best Nutritionist and certified Dietician in Noida with impeccable 16 years of experience. You will get custom weight loss diet plans based upon your personal lifestyle and eating habits.

    She is the perfect health coach and keeps encouraging her clients to follow diet chart as consistency will give results. She suggests easy Indian recipes which are easy to cook and healthy as per our lifestyle.
    She avoids chemical-based medicines in our diets and prefer to include natural herbs in the diet plans as per medical conditions of the client. Try our weight loss 7 days diet plan.

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    Healthy Recipes

    Try our healthy recipes which will not only add nutrition to your diet but help you in weight management.


    Ans : Belly fat can be a result of many things eg high insulin or eating late dinners or chronic constipation so when one comes to us we try to find out their reason and try to correct them and hence yes there is reduction in belly fat also.

    Ans : yes , we do give pcos diet ,it’s a hormonal disbalance so with diet control we try to fiqure out problems in the other pillars of weight loss with pcod client like their sleeping pattern, emotional wellbeing and try to support this with some basic herbs with simple diet changes.

    Ans : we here in Nutriline diet try to give a balace approach to diet so you will not be avoiding any grain or dal but taking in proper combination which will be prepared by your dietician so basically a healthy weight loss plan. simple diet changes.

    Ans : yes pregnancy is a time when your body needs nourishment and rest but so many myths are surrounded during this time ,one gets so much confused that they don’t know what to eat an d avoid , so here we give them knowledge and guide them trimester wise so that their baby can get best nutrition and they don’t get the aftereffect of post pregnancy like weight gain, weakness, hairloss etc

    Ans : our program is basically a diet base program so we give all home cooked and natural food which is easily available.

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